How can you use an Audio Switcher

In our daily lives, we’re surrounded by many sounds. Very often we find ourselves in a situation where we have to shut some of them off and let the others play. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to hear many of them, or we don’t want others to hear them. That’s why we always have to switch.

Switching sounds has proven to be a painful task. Our small wooden Audio Switch comes to ease this pain. A simple push does the job.

Switching the sound implies simultaneously switching the right and left channel signals. A DPDT(Double-Pole, Double-Throw) switch has, therefore, to be used. A DPDT switch is a device that can change the channel a signal from A to A1 or A2 and from B to B1 or B2 simultaneously. Its main electrical properties are expressed in rated load (amperage and voltage), contact resistance and withstand voltage.

A DPDT is a passive switch that doesn’t use any additional power source, that’s why when used to switch the sound it won’t alter it in any way. It also works both ways:  the signal can go from A to A1 or A2 and from B to B1 or B2 as well as from A1 or A2 to A and from B1 or B2 to B.

The above described DPDT features provide the Audio Switch Box with a wide range of possible uses:

  •         Switching between two different audio output devices such as boxes, headphones, sound systems, soundbars. The input signal, in this case, comes from a single audio source which can be a computer, a phone, a player, etc.  The Left and Right audio signals from the source will be directed via de DPDT switch to the selected audio output device. It can be switched, for example, between headphones and the sound system to play the audio from a computer. The 3.5m Switch Box will provide the means to switch fast and easy between the sound quality and the immersive feeling provided by the sound system and the privacy given by headphones.
  •           Switching between two different input devices such as laptop, desktop PC, iPhone, TV. A single output audio device will be used in this case, which can be a sound system, headphones, etc. Through the DPDT it will be selected from which audio source the Left and Right audio signals will be directed to the single audio output device. It can be switched, for example, between the audio from the phone or the computer to be played in the headphones. The 3.5mm Audio Switcher will provide in this case the means to switch fast between the desired audio content, be that the audio sound from a phone call or the music from the youtube player on the computer.

For sure there are more scenarios of using this simple device. If you know one that you think would be nice to share with other people, please write it down in the comments below.

At the moment, a single DPDT switch is being used in our Audio Switch Box for the Left and Right audio channels. The ground signal is common. We’re currently working on further improving our audio selector switch by providing a switch also for the ground signal. This will result in an even better audio quality.

Stay tuned…

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