Our Audio Switcher gets improved – no more stuck button

The wood is a very specific material, which likes to be handled with attention and care.

Due to its grainy texture, its properties are different in different directions. This is also true for its behavior in time. 

It takes a long time for the wood to dry completely and, along the way, it is always accompanied by shrinking. Even after it seems good-to-go, the process of drying still continues at a very slow rate. Shrinking due to drying results in relatively small changes in dimension, nevertheless, it has a big impact when working on small high precision details, when even a small skew or deviation can ruin the whole assembly. The shrinking gets non-uniform due to the random grainy texture, and that’s when things can get messy. All the hardly achieved precision goes to waste due to an oh-so-natural process. That’s why the wood likes being loved and cared for 🙂

During the development of our small Audio Switch Box, we did our best to find and put to good use a CNC machine with the best precision on the market. Every piece of the assembly was modelled with a tenth of millimeter precision (that would be about 0.004 inches) and the CNC machine did its best to make that model come to live in wood.

Despite all our efforts, for some units, the button was still getting stuck. The natural process of non-uniform shrinking due to drying was leaving its mark – and it was not a good one.

One of our customers posted a video with the problem in the Amazon Product Reviews section:


Finally, we did it! No more stuck button! Yaaaaaay!

After remodelling the button, to take into account the shrinking of the wood, and applying much more love in the assembly process, the button slides now seamlessly in its place.

Since September 1-st, it’s available on the market. 

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Please, let us know what you think of the made improvement in the comments below.

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