Our Audio Switcher gets improved – no more stuck button

The wood is a very specific material, which likes to be handled with attention and care.

Due to its grainy texture, its properties are different in different directions. This is also true for its behavior in time. 

It takes a long time for the wood to dry completely and, along the way, it is always accompanied by shrinking. Even after it seems good-to-go, the process of drying still continues at a very slow rate. Shrinking due to drying results in relatively small changes in dimension, nevertheless, it has a big impact when working on small high precision details, when even a small skew or deviation can ruin the whole assembly. The shrinking gets non-uniform due to the random grainy texture, and that’s when things can get messy. All the hardly achieved precision goes to waste due to an oh-so-natural process. That’s why the wood likes being loved and cared for 🙂

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How can you use an Audio Switcher

In our daily lives, we’re surrounded by many sounds. Very often we find ourselves in a situation where we have to shut some of them off and let the others play. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to hear many of them, or we don’t want others to hear them. That’s why we always have to switch.

Switching sounds has proven to be a painful task. Our small wooden Audio Switch comes to ease this pain. A simple push does the job.

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It took us more than 23 months “destroying” and clicking on more than 11 different prototypes to design it.

or, how all this began…

The initial idea of this project was to have a simple device, that will “simplify” the process of switching the headphones cable from my laptop to my phone when I have a call.

Usually, like the most majority of us that are working more than 10-12 hours in the office, I use the headphones for listening to some good and uplifting music during the working process. Also, for my convenience, and from the radiation point of view 🙂 – I use the same headset to answer my phone calls, and so my dilemma began:

Unplug the 3.5 mm audio cable from the laptop, plug it in to my phone to be able to answer the call; after the call – plug it back in to the laptop to have the music back on. It was a little bit annoying. Just a little bit.

At that time, we started to investigate the existing at that moment solutions on the market, and we found out that there were some quite good 3.5mm audio switches, but most of them had a small toggle switch and were made from plastic, which didn’t perfectly fit in a modern office environment.

So our idea was to create a SMALL, SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL and STYLISH Audio Switch Box, with an easy to push, big button. We decided to create it from wood, to bring a little piece of nature into an area already filled with too many computers and gadgets.

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